About Remote Desktop
Network guidelines, Tips and shortcuts for working with Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop preferences, What is Remote Desktop?.

Set up Remote Desktop
Uninstall Remote Desktop administrator software, Manage computer lists, Save a client computer search, Add Remote Desktop clients, Upgrade client software, Enable remote management, Create a custom client installer package, Install and set up Remote Desktop.

Encrypt network data for copy and install tasks, Get an Administration Settings report, Virtual network computing access and control, Set access privileges, About access privileges.

Interact with users
View a VNC server’s additional displays, Set up a computer running VNC software, Send messages, Share screens with client computers, Choose how to control and observe, Observe multiple client computers, Control or observe one client computer.

Administer computers
Execute commands remotely, Lock or unlock a screen, Sleep, shut down, log out, or restart a computer, Set preferences on client computers, Manage files and apps, Upgrade software, Install software, Copy files.

Create reports
Generate report data automatically, Export reports, Use a Task Server to create reports, Create a network responsiveness report, Create hardware reports, Create computer usage reports, Create file reports, Search for files, How reporting data is collected.

Manage tasks
Configure a remote Task Server, Create and use task templates, Save tasks, Schedule tasks, Keep track of tasks, About tasks.

More resources
Report field definitions, About systemsetup, About networksetup, About kickstart, SQLite, Automator resources, AppleScript resources, Copy options, Remote Desktop windows, Remote Desktop icons.