Interact with students

Interact with student computers individually or as a group.

For example, if you’re managing a science lab, you can control a student’s computer if the student needs assistance, observe computers to make sure students are using the correct apps, share your screen with a student to provide a demonstration, or lock students’ screens if you want their undivided attention. You can send students a message to warn them that class will end, copy files students need to their computers or copy their completed assignments back to your computer, and log out all students at the end of class.

interact with students

Control and observe screens

With Remote Desktop, you don’t need a KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) switch to access a computer over the network. You can remotely control a student’s computer to monitor student activities or share your computer screen to demonstrate a task. For information, see Control or observe one client computer and Observe multiple client computers.

Share screens

Display your screen or a student’s screen for training and demonstration purposes. For information, see Share screens with client computers.

Lock screens

Lock student screens to prevent students from using their computers when you want them to focus on other activities. Display custom pictures or messages on locked screens to let students know when their computers are available again. For information, see Lock or unlock a screen.

Send messages

Send Remote Desktop messages to communicate with students or provide one-on-one assistance. For example, notify them that a lab activity will start soon, or that they have ten minutes to finish an examination. For information, see Send messages.

Copy files

Distribute handouts electronically, and collect homework files. For information, see Copy files.

Log out current users

Log students out or shut down their Mac computers. For information, see Sleep, shut down, log out, or restart a computer.