Share screens with client computers

You can share a client computer’s screen, or the administrator’s screen, with any number of clients. The clients you share with see whatever is on the shared screen. You can control your own screen when sharing it, but you can’t control another client’s screen when sharing it.

Share a screen with client computers

  1. In the Remote Desktop window, select a computer list, then select the target computers (the ones you want to share with).

  2. Choose Interact > Share Screen.

  3. Select the screen to be shared.

    • To share your administrator screen, select “This computer.”

    • To share a client screen, select “Other computer,” and drag a computer from a Remote Desktop computer list to the dialog.

  4. Select the display to be shared.

    • To share all connected displays, select “All displays.”

    • To share only the main display, select “Main display.”

  5. To prevent users from accessing their own desktops while you’re sharing a screen with them, select “Prevent use of local desktop.”

    The shared screen will be shown full screen on the clients. To allow users to access their desktops and see the shared screen in a resizable window, deselect this checkbox.

  6. Click Share Screen.

Monitor a Share Screen session

You can get information about all active Share Screen tasks, and sort the tasks by time started, source screen, or target computers.

  • Choose Window > Active Share Screen Tasks.