About tasks

A task is any administrative action you perform in Remote Desktop—such as copying items, shutting down computers, or generating reports. You can view and manage your tasks using the following items in the sidebar of the Remote Desktop window:

  • History: The history list shows the name and result of each completed task. Tasks are considered complete when they’ve received a task status for all participating client computers. To see details about a completed task, double-click it.

  • Active Tasks: Tasks in progress appear in the active tasks list. (Only active tasks that are locally run appear.) You can stop and restart active tasks.

  • Task Server: These are any tasks assigned to a Task Server that haven’t completed yet.

For more information, see Remote Desktop main window.

In addition to the task status and notification features of Remote Desktop, you can set a task notification shell script to run when a task completes. The task notification script is for all tasks, but it can be as complex as your needs require.