Create and use task templates

You can save a task’s settings as a template to reuse for future tasks.

For example, if you always use certain copy options for a Copy Items task, you can save those settings as a template, and apply them to any newly created Copy Items task.

There are existing, built-in templates for the Send UNIX Command task, which can’t be removed. For information, see Execute commands remotely. Templates are stored only for their own task type.

Create a template

  1. Open a task window.

  2. Configure the task as desired.

  3. To save it as a new template, do the following:

    1. Choose Save as Template from the Template pop-up menu.

    2. Name the template, then click OK.

Use a saved template

  • Choose the template from the Template pop-up menu in the task window.

  • Make the template the default for a type of task. Any time you do that task, the settings in the template will be applied.

Edit or delete a template

  1. Choose Edit Templates List from the Template pop-up menu in the task window.

  2. Select a template and do one of the following:

    • To edit the template, make your changes, then click Save.

    • To delete the template, click Remove.