Sample AppleScript

This sample script is one that could be used to do a quick cleanup of a group of computers.

First, it locks the computer screens to prevent interference. Second, it deletes all items left on the currently active desktops of the client computers. Finally, it finishes by emptying the clients’ Trash and unlocking the screens.

WARNING: This sample script is for educational use only, and no warranty is explicit or implied as to the suitability of this script for your computing environment. The script also deletes items on the target computers. Use it at your own risk.

-- Start commanding the local copy of Remote Desktop tell application "Remote Desktop" -- decide which list to perform this on, -- in this case it's called "Classroom" set these_computers to computer list "Classroom" -- decide what locked screen text you want displayed set screen_message to "Please wait" as Unicode text -- make a UNIX script which executes an AppleScript on the remote computers set the UNIX_script to ¬ "osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to move " & ¬ "(every item of the desktop whose class isn't disk) to the trash'" -- set the lock task parameters set lock_task to make new lock screen task with properties ¬ {name:"Lock Classroom", message:screen_message} -- perform the task execute lock_task on these_computers -- set the UNIX script parameters set clean_task to make new send unix command task with properties ¬ {name:"Clean Desktop", showing output:false, script:UNIX_script} -- perform the task execute clean_task on these_computers -- empty the Trash afterward execute (make new empty trash task) on these_computers -- unlock the screen when finished execute (make new unlock screen task) on these_computersend tell