Create and run an Automator service

You can create services in Automator that perform Remote Desktop tasks. After creating a service, you can select computers in Remote Desktop and run the service against all selected computers. Because service entries are just collections of Automator actions, the individual Remote Desktop tasks appear in the Active Tasks list as they’re performed, and in the History list when they complete.

Screenshot of an Automator workflow that locks the screen of remote computers and copies resources to their Desktop.
  1. In Automator, choose File > New, select Service, then click Choose.

  2. Select Actions on the right, and in the search field enter “Remote” to view the Remote Desktop Automator actions.

  3. Add Remote Desktop Automator actions to the workflow.

    For example, add the following Remote Desktop Automator actions:

    • Choose Remote Computer

    • Lock Screens

    • Get Specified Finder Items

    • Copy Items to Computers

    For information, see Automator Help.

  4. After you finish adding actions, choose File > Save.

    The service is now available in Remote Desktop.

  5. In Remote Desktop, select computers that you want to run the service against.

  6. Choose Remote Desktop > Services > Automator service name.