Multi-client observe window

When you observe many clients at the same time, they all appear in the same window. If you’re observing more computers than can fit in the window, they’re divided across several pages.

Window observing multiple clients

Window toolbar (multi-client observe)

The controls in the default toolbar are shown below. You can customize the toolbar by choosing View > Customize Toolbar.



Previous and Next buttons

Start or stop automatic page advancement.

Observe button

Observe button

Observe one or more computers.

Control button

Control button

Control a single computer.

Curtain mode button

Curtain button

Control one or more computers with the user unable to see the screen.

Copy items button

Copy button

Copy items to selected computers.

Install Packages button

Install button

Install packages on selected computers.

UNIX command button

UNIX button

Send UNIX commands to selected computers.

All reports button

Reports button

Run any report on selected computers.

Spotlight search button

Spotlight button

Search a selected computer’s files with Spotlight.

View option button

View options

Set view options.