Observe and control window

The Observe and Control window looks the same when you’re both observing and controlling a single client. To switch between controlling and observing, click Switch control button in the top-left corner of the window.

View of Control and Observe window

To resize the window, drag the resize control in the lower-right corner. For information about the controls in the window, see the table below.



Switch control button

Switch between controlling and observing the remote client.

Share screen toggle button

Share (or stop sharing) control of the keyboard, trackpad, or mouse.

Shrink to fit button

Fit the client window in the observe and control window, or display it full size.

Lock toggle button

Lock or unlock the client screen. When the client screen is locked, a lock appears on it, but you can view the client desktop normally.

Screen capture button

Capture a picture of the client’s screen and save it to a file on the administrator computer at the selected image quality.

Share Clipboard button

Share the Clipboard between administrator and client computers.

Transfer Clipboard contents from client to administrator

Transfer the contents of the client computer’s Clipboard to the administrator’s Clipboard.

Transfer Clipboard contents from administrator to client

Transfer the contents of the administrator computer’s Clipboard to the client’s Clipboard.