Remote Desktop main window

The main window of Remote Desktop has a customizable toolbar at the top.

Groups of lists, tasks, and scanners appear in the sidebar on the left; select an item to view it in the area on the right.

Image of the main window

You can add the items you use the most to the toolbar. For information, see Customize the Remote Desktop toolbar.

The icon next to each item in the sidebar shows the type of item, list, or group it is.



All computers list

All Computers list

A list of all the client computers you can administer. Computers must be in the All Computers list before you can command or administer them. If you have a 10-client license, the All Computers list can contain only up to 10 computers.

Custom computer list

Computer list

A list of computers you create. Any list is a subset of the client computers in the All Computers list. If you add a computer to a computer list, it is also added to the All Computers list.

Smart computer list

Smart List

A list of client computers in the All Computers list that meet specified criteria. Smart Lists are constantly updated based on your criteria.

Group folder

Group folder

Groups are tools to help you organize lists, tasks, and scanners. Groups look like folders, and can be collapsed to hide the group contents.

Scanner button


Scanners find clients to add to the All Computers list. You can make new scanners and customize them for your needs.

Task Server list

Task Server list

A list of tasks delegated to the Task Server, rather than run from the app. When a task is successfully performed on all target computers, the task is labeled as complete.

Active Task list

Active tasks list

A list of all tasks, except those delegated to your Task Server, that are running or queued to run but haven’t yet started.

History list

History list

A list of the most recently run tasks, as defined in Remote Desktop preferences. You can inspect each task by double-clicking it. After a task is complete (successful or not) it is moved to the history list.

Task complete list

Task status icon

This icon represents the current state of a task.

Client status icon

Client status icon

This icon represents the state of a client computer. See Client status icons.