Manage computer lists

Remote Desktop displays computers in lists in the main section of the Remote Desktop window.

You can add computers to a computer list, and then observe them as a group or perform other management tasks. When you perform management tasks on a computer list, the tasks are run on every computer in the list.

The default computer list is called the All Computers list. This is a complete list of all possible clients that you’ve located and authenticated to. You can create as many lists as you want, and add computers to more than one list. Group computers in any way you like—location, functionality, hardware configuration, or even label.

Create a computer list

You can make more specific, targeted lists of computers from your All Computers list.

  1. In the Remote Desktop window, select the All Computers list.

  2. Select the computers to add to the list.

  3. Choose File > New List From Selection.

  4. Name the computer list.

    You can also choose File > New List to create a blank list. Then drag computers from the All Computers list, or from scanner search results, to the blank list.

Delete a computer list

You can delete Remote Desktop computer lists and scanner lists that you create.

  • Select the list, then choose Edit > Delete. You can also press the Delete key.

View and edit computer lists

  • To view all the computers in a list, select the list in the sidebar. To open a computer list in a separate window, double-click the list.

  • To edit a list name, click the name and type a new name.

  • To change which columns you see when viewing a list, Control-click (or right-click) a column header and choose a column to show or hide it. (Columns that are shown have a checkmark.) To rearrange columns, click a column header and drag it.

Create a Smart List

You can create a Smart List, which has computers added to it automatically based on criteria you select. When you create a Smart List, any computer added to the All Computers list (or other specified list) that matches your criteria is added to the Smart List.

You can match any of the following criteria:

  • Name

  • IP Address

  • DNS Name

  • Label

  • Remote Desktop version

  • Startup Volume

  • Installed RAM

  • CPU Information

  • Machine Model

  • OS version

  • Computer is in List

To create a Smart List that includes the computers in another list or lists (except the All Computers list), select the “Computer is in List” criterion and specify the source list.

  1. Choose File > New Smart List.

    You can also click Add Add button at the bottom of the sidebar, and then choose New Smart List.

  2. Name the Smart List.

  3. Choose whether to match “any” or “all” criteria.

  4. Specify the criteria by using the pop-up menus and text fields. Click Add Add button to add criteria.

  5. Click OK.

Edit a Smart List

You can edit Smart Lists.

  1. Select the Smart List in the sidebar of the Remote Desktop window.

  2. Choose File > Edit Smart List.

  3. Make your changes. For information about the options you can change, see Create a Smart List.

Create a computer list from existing lists

You can create lists that contain the computers in Smart Lists and other lists. The list that’s created includes the computers from the source lists, but doesn’t indicate what list they came from.

  1. Make sure you’ve already created the lists that will serve as the source for the new list.

  2. Create a new Smart List by choosing File > New Smart List.

  3. In the Smart List dialog, choose to match all the stated criteria.

  4. For the first condition, choose “Computer is in List.”

  5. Choose a source list from the pop-up menu.

  6. Click Add Add button to add criteria.

  7. Repeat steps 4–6, adding a separate condition for each source list.

  8. Click OK.

Copy computer lists to a new administrator computer

You can copy your existing computer lists to a new administrator computer running Remote Desktop. When you import or export a computer list, the user name and password used to authenticate to the client computers from Remote Desktop aren’t exported. Once you import the computer list, you still need to authenticate to the client computers.

You can only use these instructions to move computer lists between administrator computers that run Remote Desktop 3.5 or later.

  1. Select the list you want to copy in the Remote Desktop window.

  2. Choose File > Export List.

  3. Select a name and a location for the exported list.

    The default filename is the list name. Changing the filename doesn’t change the list name.

  4. Click Save.

    A .plist file is created in the desired location. The XML-formatted .plist file is a plain text file you can view with a text editor.

  5. Copy the exported file to the new administrator computer.

  6. On the new administrator computer, open Remote Desktop.

  7. Choose File > Import List.

  8. Select the exported list, then click Open.

You must now authenticate to the client computers before you can manage them.