Upgrade client software

All Mac computers that are compatible with Remote Desktop 3.7 include the remote management client software. You can upgrade the client software manually using an installer package that you create with Remote Desktop, or you can perform the software upgrade remotely by using Remote Management sharing.

You can upgrade previous versions of Remote Desktop clients on OS X Lion (10.7) or later. See System and network requirements for Remote Desktop.

Upgrade the client software manually

Upgrade client software by creating an installer package to distribute to clients. Remote Desktop client software is automatically included on clients running OS X v10.4 or later. All installations of Remote Desktop 3.7 or later are upgrade installations, even if you’re setting up clients for the first time.

WARNING: Custom installer packages that create user names contain sensitive password data. Take care to store such custom installer packages securely.

  1. Use Remote Desktop to create a client software installer package.

    For instructions, see Create a custom client installer package.

  2. Copy the package to the client computers and install it.

    You need the user name and password of a user with administrator privileges on the client computer to install the package. You can copy and install the installer package to client computers in one of the following ways:

    • Use removable media, such as a USB or Thunderbolt storage device.

    • Use AirDrop or file sharing.

    • Use command-line tools like scp (if ssh is enabled) to copy the installer, then use Apple’s command-line installation tool, installer, to install the package remotely.

    • Add the custom installer package to a NetInstall image. Use System Image Utility to automatically include the software and your custom settings when clients install the operating system using the NetBoot and NetInstall features in OS X Server.

Upgrade Remote Desktop clients remotely

Upgrade the client software on computers already using Remote Management sharing. This method is easy and retains previous client settings. If Remote Desktop doesn’t offer to upgrade the clients, or if you initially choose not to upgrade, you can still use the automatic upgrade function later.

This method works best with existing clients previously configured for Remote Desktop. (You can use Remote Desktop to identify which of your existing client computers are running a previous version of the remote management software.)

  1. Enable Remote Management on client computers.

    For information, see Enable remote management.

  2. Configure the clients for administration, if needed.

    For information, see Set access privileges.

  3. If the client computers aren’t in an existing Remote Desktop computer list, find the client computers using the Remote Desktop Scanner.

    For information, see Add Remote Desktop clients.

  4. Select the client computers to be upgraded.

  5. Choose Manage > Upgrade Client Software.

  6. Click Upgrade.